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Getting Started


A Guide for Users

This guide will assist you in helping to maintain the Harrow St Mary's website, start by creating an account below.

Create Your Account

Create your account in three simple steps by clicking here or select from the menu on the homepage of the website. Click "Admin" then "Registration" on the top right of the page.

  • Fill out all the fields on this page, the fields with an asterisk symbol are compulsory.
  • After hitting register, your account will be made. Login and click your name, you can edit your details here at any time.
  • Done! You now have an account. Note: this process creates a author account, so you can only edit blog posts. If you would like greater privileges feel free to email me

Create A Post

Click the User icon on the top right of the website, then .

  • Click the big green button saying "new post"
  • Enter a title
  • Enter your text in the big box, feel free to add images/videos/audio into the article by pressing "add media".
  • Select a catergory on the right hand side (you can select multiple catergories).
  • If you would like a feature image (encouraged), you can add that on the right hand side too.
  • Then you can "save the draft", or "preview" it by pressing the buttons on the right hand side top. Pressing "publish" will post the article live on to the website

Edit A Post

  • Click the "Posts" button on the left hand side navigation.
  • Click "All Posts" you will then see a list of all the posts.
  • Hover over the post and you will see an option to edit underneath

Edit Pages

Login to the admin section of the site. (Admin->Admin)

Editing general text

  • Click the text at the top left saying "Harrow St Mary's CC" on the top black banner
  • Navigate to the page you want to edit, then click "Edit with visual composer" on the top right of the black banner
  • As you can see when you hover over certain sections options appear. Hover directly over the text you wish to change and press the pencil icon
  • Here you can change the text as well as other options
  • Make your changes then click save changes and then "update" on the top right

Three boxes on slider homepage

  • Whilst hovering over the text on the top left of the page saying "Harrow St Mary's CC" on the top black banner, you will see options appear. Click "Dashboard".
  • The click "Appearance" then "Widgets" on the blue navigation on the left hand side.
  • On the right you can see multiple sidebars. Click "Siderbar Home Top" to change the text in the blue boxes on the slider.

Slider Images and text

  • Whilst on the dashboard (Admin Section), click "Appearance" then "Theme Options" on the blue navigation bar on the left.
  • Click Slider, then under the first dropdown select "home-slider" you can add/remove images and text here. Placing "<br>" inline with any text, starts a new line.


For Players

  • Go to adults drop down - then click 'Availability' and sign up
  • An e-mail is sent with a private link

For Captains

Click the user icon next to contact us in the menu, then click 'Availability'. E-mail Jalpesh for the username and password. Here you can view all the players info. You can sort by a date to get availability for that date, or search by name etc. Clicking the download csv button will download everything into an excel doc.

Team News

  • Once you have your team go to the user icon 'Selection' - then select your team.
  • Enter the user name and password if need be (same as above).
  • Enter your team then click update.

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